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trying to find my way... I found it :)


Ok, I'll write in english that is first of all easier and i want that my friends here understand it too...i know you guys in germany will not understand everything, then just ask and I'll translate it later. I'm just too tired to think in german now...

So it's been a normal weekend. Well, actually is was amazing . The week passed by so fast, 2 weeks of school left, then final exams, prom, 2 weeks and I'm leaving . Ok, but don't let me start with that...about the weekend. Yes, i stayed at home friday night, relaxing...I'm soo tired in the last time...i slept when we came home from school for like 1,5h...and i spent the evening in front of the computer. i was watching german tv, soo funny. I tried to translate everything in english in my head, but they spoke too fast. Anyways, that is not really what i wanna talk about.

Next day: SATURDAY, started early with cleaning our room. i went to Patro (the place where i play volleyball), to say bye to everyone and to get the CD with all the photos. I didn't get them at the end, but amélie will send me them by msn ...well and then, yeah, i left the house around 6.15pm to get to Laval. Going out with Sab, cat and camille to rockaberries :D. I took like 1h to get there and you could call it: eva lost in Laval vol.1. i went twice in the wrong direction to get from the metro station to rockaberries and I even asked somebody in a restaurant for the right street. Sure, i was late but at least i wasn't the latest...but to find rockaberries that was actually fun, i didn't walk a long time, just like 10 minutes and i looked around be (i haven't been to laval that often) and i really liked it. i don't know. I love montréal, but in Laval I felt home directly . Anyways, sab and cat were already there and we got a table outside. Camille arrived finally too. It got cold outside, so we moved inside and we offert: nachos and some with poulet so share with everybody (it was goood) and we talked about different thing and you won't believe it: in french. Ok, i was like more passive in the whole conservation, but i spoke french (even if i had to repeat every sentence several times xD. seriously, my french isn't that bad...). time passed my, we ordered dessert. Omg, the cakes are soo good....

In planning what we're doing next, we ended up in cat's car on the way to jade. We met her in the parc next to her house, but nobody else was there, no boogie (translation: party). no we ended up in cat's car again on the way to sab's house. There, we went different ways, i went with sab, cuz i sleep over in her house and cat and camille left. Later, sab tried to call them, cuz it was only ten and we could watch a move or they would just come over for a while, but it was already too late and the were too far away...ok next time, we organise better the whole thing, cuz we planned on going to the movies, but it was too late for that...anyways, so i just watched with sab a bit of a walk to rembember (a saad film) and one episode of laguna beach and then we talked, a lot...

we've talked like for 2hrs about all kind of stuff . Well I mostly talked and it was good to talk about some stuff i've never really talked about here, about hostfamily, friends and yeah school. I remember a longer convo we've had about one friend of us who is trying to find her way. I'm sure she will sooner or later, one day we'll all find our way. I was that girl one year ago. In that year (here) I've learned a lot and I found my way ...

Sab said something too and I think I'll remember this sentence like forever...we were talking about something that I wrote in my book in the text for my hostfamily, because even if I was a part of the family, they made it clear quelquefois that I'm not. That's sad, but I still had a wonderful time with my hostfamily...and she said: "but you're part of my family"...thank you!! I'm soo happy that I met her, all my friends who became really close and who became my family. They are the principal reason why I'm part of the family marie-clarac and they changed a lot, they made this year the time of my life...

well, that's all about this weekend. see you

26.5.08 04:31

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