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The meaning of 'Life sucks' and the question of groups in school or not

Ok and another entry in english. Sorry guys, if you want a translation. just ask... 

Well, I know I didn’t even finish my last entry, and I already start another one...just I wanna write some stuff down which I had in my mind today. First of all, it’s Monday. The weekend is over and the day started early: 6.30 it was already late and I couldn’t even eat breakfast at home. I was lost again and took instead of the 69, the 32...yes; sometimes I’m a lost child. I recognized that when the 32 didn’t turn at the corner (as the 69) I had to wait for the next 69. It came finally and I went to Tim Hortens to get my breakfast: Vanille francaise and a bagel avec fromage à la crème...omg I’m soo gonna miss that. Well, then school started with bio, then art. Lauzon’s baby got birth today so he left (Yes, finally)...I went with Ivett and Ste in some classes to find host families for the 3 exchange students next year (2 de l’Allemagne et  une de la Columbie)...third period: Othello exam in English, it was actually ok, we were allowed to use the book ( I didn’t have it, so I had to go to 503 to borrow one. I got it from Pepe. Thank you!). Lunch was pretty interesting today. I ate with Laurie who just came back from the cruise with the orchestra and she talk us a bit about it (she’s playing saxophone and she even won a prix for her solo). We also talked about the groups in our school. That’s a complicated thing and I’m wondering: She was saying: Je suis avec tout le monde. I heard the same sentence 2 days ago from Sab. The thing is, when you’re not in a group and u’re trying to be friends with everybody and get accepted from everybody. That’s not working, because ppl put you automatically in groups. Maybe not everybody, but la majorité and that’s why groups exist. When you’re a part of a group, you feel better, stronger, at the same time you’re pissed sometimes of your group and you want to get away from them. In my opinion, it’s a kreislauf where you can’t get out. Both ways have positive and negative points, but both don’t make you satisfaisant. Last period was French with an examen de lecture and I didn’t go that well. I was missing like 2 questions, cuz I didn’t have enough time and I didn’t understand them, but j’men fou. It’s just one exam and I got another exam back about alice court avec réne: 92%, really goodJ.

Anyways, after school I got my billet for gala méritas. I’m gonna be sitting next to Caro and Cat J...I went home, didn’t really do anything for school, I read cut one of the book Mr Guarino gave us, not bad, short and not hard to read. Inspired me actually to a story, but I won’t have time to write it down...too many things to do first.

Anyway, the second thing I thought about today was the theory of ‘life sucks’. I had a long convo with judy-anne and she wrote it in her line at msn. ‘Life sucks really’. I remember when I wrote it back in march/avril in my msn at the same time than Sab. I remember her saying; ‘Life sucks but I fight ‘til the end’. It was a tough time back then, but in my opinion it’s the way you think about it. I gave her advice to thing positive and that she shouldn’t waste her last month in being frustrated because some things are not working out...Life is not easy, that is true and it’s actually pretty hard sometimes. But I realised, no matter how hard it is: There is always somebody to talk about it. And even it not all of your friends are there, at least one is there, all the time...

I mentioned it in my last entry: Another thing that belongs toasturday: Sab and I talked a long time about a friend in common who is trying to find her way. I’m sure she will sooner or later. I was that girl one year ago who was trying to find her way. In that year, I learnt a lot, some things in the hard way, but I found my way. I don’t know exactly what I wanna do later, but I have something in my mind. I want to have a voice; I want to be able to write about my thoughts and to discuss my opinion with different ppl...Some things I learnt, a lot of people didn’t learn yet.  I learnt them, but that doesn’t make me special. I still just a girl on the way to become an adult. We all are and that’s why nobody of us is different in that way. Some of us already found their way, some of us don’t, but we are all going the same way; together; the way to become an adult.

Another thing, a yes, marie-clarac. The truth is, at the beginning I couldn’t imagine to go to this school for one year. It was different, it was a family and I wasn’t part of it. But with the time, I learnt the value of that school, of the girls and what it means to go there. I’m part of that family now and I would say I’m proud of that. Back in Germany, I could say: I survived one year in a girl’s school, but it became so much more. Marie-clarac is family and when somebody would talk negative about girls schools (my family), I would say you have no idea what it means to go to a girl school. It was one of the greatest and unique experiences I’ve ever had and if you wanna talk bad about girls who are going to a girl’s school or who went to an all-girls school. Well then, you would be fighting with me, because nobody is talking bad MY girls, my family, my sisters :D...                

27.5.08 22:03

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