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Leaving behind and a new beginning

hello everybody!

Sorry for writing in english again, it's easier and I think the people whi will read this unterstand english anyways...if not aks me and I'll translate it...

Ok, so this week was the first week of the exam. It started on monday with the french exam. It was tough, I miss like 10 questions at all, but it wasn't le pire...could be worse...whatever. The exam was from 9.30 to 12.30 (before we had a breakfast witth the principal and it was actually really good...), then we didn,t even have time to eat lunch, because we had the pratique for the collaration de grades (graduation). A waste of time, seriously, we sang, did the whole thing once, practiced to ge the diploma (seriously, just my school is that smart to do a pratique how to receive the diploma and to give the hand and that twice, just to make sure that we understood the principe^^)...that was the monday. Tuesday was the bio exam from 9-11.30 and I was finish like one hour before (same then a lot of other people), because I found it easy. Some questions weren't that clear for me, but who cares. It doesn't even count for me....

I had wednesday off, but I was in school from 8 to 4.30pm -.-, because Ste had a chimie recup in the morning and nobody was home, and I had 2 recups in history and math in the afternoon. i went out for lunch with Steph to Subway (funny story, we couldN,t decide if we're going to subway or to chez cora, in the end, subway won (i'm sure the cookies convinced us xD) ) yeah, then the recups weren't that bad, but at the same time, i didn't really get new informations....

Thursday I was even earlier at school than wednesday: at 7.30 (the wonderful rule, that i can't stay alone at home and everybody left around 7.15, so i took the 7.18 bus. i won't miss that back in germany^^)...i had like 4 hours to study history, but I started around 10am. it was funny, nobody was in the locker section, because the the people who were in school were all the chimie lab and the others were all at home studying. I was alone and what am I doing alone there? Doing funny videos of the school . For the people in germany: I'm gonna show them to you one day, so I can show you at bit my school...Some people came out around 11.00 of the chimie lab and I went with them to Tim Horstens (jade, helene and laura-anne) the way I had to much coffee in the last days from Tim Horstens, I'm gonna miss is SOO MUCH, specially that it's not right in front of the school anymore, nobody can top their coffee (ok except starbucks but that too expenive to have it everyday...). were were there a while,some people came too (karina, sophie...) and I finally went back to school with karina and jade (it was around 12, time for the game: germany-croatia)...i studied and watched the game at the same time (running up and down to the cafeteria and back to the lockers, my sport for that day xD...but after the first half, we had to go into the exam). The exam was alright, a couple multiple choix questions were a bit weird, so I just did n'importe quoi and in the questions à developpement too...good that it's not counting for me in germany ;P. I think i'll still pass, and if not i could say it wasn't my fault, I was desperate , because germany was losing...

After school (the exam finished at 3pm), I still had a bit time. I had to be at the métro for 5pm to meet some other german exchange students and I took me just 40 minutes to get there, so I stayed a bit at school. I was outside with Camille, jade, Véro and some people. Mr gurino (our english teacher) stopped by told us, that everybody passed the exam we did last week (writing production) and we all got good marks: le plus bas à notre classe est comme 70. After that, mr olivetto (gym teacher) came by and had nothing to do so he m'a chicané, mais pour de vrai, tous le temps: "I always liked the exchange students at this school, i don't know what happened this year...". It was all against me...and all in french, what to you expect me to do? later cloé came by too (the girl from sec IV I played volleyball with) and even she made fun of me..nene, that wasn't my day. Good, that I didn't take it too olivetto even said two sentences in german, that was too funny, first of all the accent and second i couldn't understand what he was saying...and i forgot to answer him in german.aarg. i got that  idea later in the bus, i'm always think too slowly^^

But anyways, we spent an hour talking, then i took the bus with cloe, after the metro jusqua avignon and i finally met eva and ther friend annika, i havent seen here for 10 months. it was nice to see her again an meet the others (2 annika, tatjana and dorothe). we went to a restaurant which was like a buffet. We could eat everything to special price and it was really good :D. We had a lot of fun that soiree and we really have to repeat it, before everybody is leaving. We also went to a parc, took some photos and yeah that's it pretty much. I slept over at eva's house and we talked and talked and talked . You could say that every exchange student has his own story, some have luck with school, some with their family, some with both and some might have a bit bad luck with both, but they still have an amazing year. When I was talking with eva, I realised that we had completly different experiences, we learnt different people, we lived a different life and yeah, every exchange student has a different year/half year and this year is unique. some people compare, ahh you had it much easier, much better and I don't know, it's not worth it to..i remember one sentence they said on the vorbereitunsseminar (a weekend with a lot of exchange student to prepare us for our year abroad): Nothings is better, nothings is worse, it's just different. and it is definetly.  i might wasn't happy going to a girl school at the beginning, but in the end, i made this experience and is was great. It's great to know how it is to go there and all my friends and my family i got to know there ....That was the thursday.

On friday, today, I left at eva's house in the morning to meet ivett at school (she had to do her physics lab)...we went shopping at Galerie d'Anjou. I didn't find the stuff I was looking for, but i found something else ...I came back home and later on sab called me for math on sunday. I couldn't ask yet if i can, but I hope so. I completly forgot, that it's father day at sunday, but I hope that I could still go....seriously, I mean I get along with my family, but that's it. perfect situation today, that ste has to go somewhere and her dad drove her and i had to come too, because nobody was at home. hello? we were back after 15 minutes and i couldn't stay this time at home? i really don't get that, but ok that's the rule. 3 weeks and I have my key back, seriously, CAN'T WAIT^^....a bit sad so, that i"m leaving that way, but good I tried it, too long...

Ok, I had something else to say, about leaving, saying good-bye and a new beginning. YES, it's hard to leave everyhing behind me, to say goodbye to everything/everyone...i know it's time to move on..i found two nice quotes today: There are things that we never want to let go of, people we never want to leave behind. But keep in mind that letting go isn’t the end of the world, it’s the beginning of a new life and The footprints you leave behind will influence others. There is no person who at some time, somewhere, somehow, does not lead another.

Ok, I wrote enough for today. The next time for about it. Promise

See you soon. Bye

14.6.08 03:25

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